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Best Family Beach Photo Ideas

July 06, 20203 min read


It’s summer by the time this article is written, and I’m positive you and your family have been aching to get outside for some fresh air! There’s nothing quite like the smell of sea salt by the beach while enjoying your family’s company...and taking in a much-needed break from work, or social media, or anything else that's been causing you stress.

The beach as a whole is a wonderful place to destress and be present with your family. Why not get the most out of your beach day with a photo session? Here are some of the best family beach photo ideas you can try for yourself.

Add some flowers to the mix

Flowers can make any summery photo pop with colour. Sunflowers are a popular choice for this time of the year, as are most wildflowers that grow in BC's Lower Mainland. Even fake flowers can be considered if you or your family have allergies and want to play things safe.

Ice cream, anyone?

Who doesn't love a good ice cream cone in the summertime? Even if the parlour isn't open by the time you're getting a family photo taken, you can always consider grabbing a popsicle or other cold sweet treat and bringing them in a cooler to the beach. Maybe your little one will have their very first taste of ice cream and you want to get that moment taken on film? Hiring someone to help for any and all of these sweet suggestions can make things a little easier while you get messy and sticky (melting ice cream tends to do that!).

Do you want to build a sandcastle?

If the tide is out enough and you've got the toys for it, there's always time for fun in the sun and sand! Spend some time scouring the shoreline for shells, pebbles, and other fun oceanic goodies to decorate your family's sandcastle(s). Be present in the moment with your kids while doing this, and let a professional grab these candid moments for you from a distance.

Special occasion? Special session!

Several large summer events may have been cancelled or postponed this year, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate certain special occasions—rather it'll be different from what you're used to. Sometimes, different can actually become a good thing! It can lead to some unique pictures taken as well as new and special moments shared between family members whether you're celebrating a birthday at the beach or having a small family reunion there.

Extended family options

With certain limitations being lifted and the curve flattening more and more in BC, it's finally safe to say that you can see extended family for a little while yet. Why not celebrate your legacy with some time spent at the beach? I've had the pleasure of meeting several generations within the same family who were all together in a few meaningful moments. It's really magical when this kind of gathering can take place, especially if you're only able to see extended family after so long of not being able to.

Hire a photographer who loves the beach too

I’m very grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Both Port Coquitlam and the entirety of Vancouver BC have a massive amount of beaches for all kinds of family fun to take place! Some of my favourite spots for family beach photo sessions include Whytecliffe Park, Old Orchard Park, Belcarra Park, Barnet Marine Park, Ambleside Beach, and Jericho Beach to name a few. Perhaps these locations fit your criteria for beach family photos?

I can take the photos for you and practice social distancing (if need be) all the while. If these beach ideas sound great to you and you’re eager to get started, go ahead and call me. Maybe your creativity is flowing as a result of reading this; I’d love to hear your thoughts while planning a family photo session with you!

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