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The Best Places to Take Pictures in the Tri-Cities Before Winter is Over

February 01, 20213 min read


Whatever the weather or the season may be, Vancouver BC's Tri-Cities have their own fair share of beautiful outdoor locations to photograph. You may be thinking it's time to wait until winter is over to get photos taken of you and your family, but did you know winter is just as good a season as any for that particular occasion?

It's true. I've seen such beautiful sights even when it's cold outside or when it's raining. There's no shortage of beautiful photographic moments to behold. To get you inspired, here are some of the best places to take pictures in the Tri-Cities before winter is over and spring makes its official arrival once again.

1. Pitt River Dike, Pitt Meadows

Not only is this location full of picturesque trails, but also the Golden Ears mountains with the snow on them this time of year is amazing. The ground may be wet when your photos are being taken, but rest assured the background will speak for itself and bring some wintry atmosphere to your pictures.

2. Deer Lake, Burnaby

Yes, technically this is more in Burnaby and less about the Tri-Cities, but it's such an underrated, stunning photo op location that it didn't feel fair to leave it off of this list. Deer Lake is both a favourite photography spot of mine and it's always been a favourite in the eyes of my clients too. With its calm atmosphere, leafy surroundings, historic buildings, seasonal gardens, and scenic walking trails all around the lake's shore, what's not to love about it?

3. Old Orchard Park & the Old Mill Site, Port Moody

At the northern end of the Shoreline Trail you'll find this cozy and private park. On chilly but bright winter days, you can find this location easily by taking a walk from Old Orchard Hall to here. In addition to the park itself, the Old Mill Site (off the beaten path) provides further calm and quiet to the environment that is near perfect for winter pictures. (Note: we have to plan around high tide to fully access this spot.)

4. Buntzen Lake, Port Moody

For people who simply can't get enough of being surrounded by nature and all of its gifts, there's Buntzen Lake. There are late winter photo opportunities galore at this location. It's one of the most tranquil lakes with crystal clear water BC has to offer.

5. Sasamat Lake, Port Moody

If you prefer the scenery of a more popular location in your photographs, Sasamat Lake may be perfect for you. Known as one of the warmest lakes in the Tri-Cities, even when it's late winter there is fun to be had at this photo location idea. The abundance of bridges and small trails at this lake can also give your winter photo session a special touch.

What are Your Favourite Locations?

As a professional photographer I'm always interested in learning about photo location ideas you yourself are fond of. Some places have their own share of warm memories to cherish and treasure, and not every preferred photo location of choice for you is going to be the same as this list. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject before the season has changed. Maybe there's a part of the Tri-Cities you've always wanted to explore or you have a hidden gem in mind?

Are you also interested in doing a winter photo session before spring settles in? I'd love to be your photographer of choice. Give me a call if you're curious about my rates, process, and everything in between.

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