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Why Black and White Photos are Still a Great Idea

November 03, 20203 min read


When was the last time you looked at older photographs? If you look closely, can you see certain aspects that leap out at you? (Other than the obvious lack of colour of course!). 

Photography was such a novel and new creation when our grandparents and their parents were young. Back then, colour photographs were unheard of. That's why all of the footage we have of past generations are either sepia tone or in black and white.

Black and white photos even to this day have power and a remarkable impact in the world. Even though everything is in colour now, there's still some reasons us professional photographers (yes, myself included) still rely on black and white photos. Here's why these pictures are still a great idea, whether for an upcoming session or you're simply curious to learn more about photography.

Capturing lighting uniquely

Don't you hate it when you try to take a colour photo, only for the lighting to look off? Perhaps you took a selfie at the time the sun was just rising, only for the beams to wash out the rest of your face. Maybe you're not happy with the colour photos you have received and feel like something is missing. Or maybe you're a fan of black and white shades in general.

Whatever your reasoning, black and white photography can capture lighting in a unique fashion. Angles you wouldn't normally conceive in colour photos may end up popping out and making a photograph even more beautiful in black and white. Some moments that appear as everyday occurrences in colour may end up standing out as valuable memories in black and white, such as your first kiss as newly married man and wife, or your baby's first smile. In this way, black and white photographs are able to portray more and greater emotions than colour.

Grayscale photos are easier on the eyes of those who are either completely or partially colourblind as well. By showing them these kinds of photos, they can enjoy the moments being shared without having to struggle to understand the colours of the clothes or areas in each shot.

Great gifts for grandparents

Any kind of photo gift can be a pleasant surprise for everyone involved. And like I said, our parents and their parents didn't grow up with colour photography like we did (and still do). Imagine their delight when they see you present to them a gift in black and white photography like they used to see back then. These style photos are both nostalgic and timeless; I'm positive grandma and grandpa will love them. 

Vintage photography is still popular

I've seen some people, parents and families alike, who have genuinely enjoyed being a part of a vintage styled photoshoot. Depending on what kind of a person you are, your personality and clothing styles may reflect vintage themes and styles better than you may realize. Dressing up vintage or having those style props in a session can also make a session unique, particularly if you're tired of dressing in jeans for every photo opportunity. If you cherish the era in which our grandparents lived in (simpler times, before technology really came to life), a vintage photoshoot might also be your cup of tea.

No matter how you look at them, black and white photos are here to stay. If you'd like to get some of these classic photos mixed in with your colour ones during a session, all you have to do is ask. Give me a call today if you'd like to set up a photoshoot that reflects this passion of yours for such priceless and precious moments.

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