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Why Plan for Christmas Family Photos in October?

October 06, 20204 min read


You may have seen this before: Christmas promotions in October. October! Right before Halloween!

Did you know there are actually a few reasons for this? While Halloween is a fun holiday and fall is a splendid time of the year for most of us, there are families and people in Vancouver BC who do plan all the way into the future when it's autumn. It's actually not as unusual as it may seem.

Here are some reasons why it may actually be worthwhile to plan for your family's Christmas photos this month.

Planning ahead makes the most fiscal sense

Have you ever noticed the price tags around the holiday season? I'm sure your eyes may have widened at the sight of the prices right before Christmas seems a little expensive, doesn't it? And then, to top that off, those prices go way down after the holiday season is over.

The prices right now for that particular time of the year are far less expensive. When you compare prices now to what you would pay for things such as photo sessions and gifts at the end of the year, planning ahead really does make a lot more fiscal sense. There's a reason why planning ahead is fine too: many discounts and special offers are more available this time of the year for that holiday than they are right before Christmas happens!

You may not have time to plan later

One big downside of Christmas is that there's so much to do in so little time; there's the house and tree to decorate, presents to wrap, Christmas cards to mail out, turkey to roast...the list goes on and on. Some families can't help but wait until the last minute to get festive things done, but this is a bad idea. It usually results in everything feeling rushed and mom feeling extra stressed out. 

This is why you often see us photographers promoting our Christmas photo ops now as opposed to later. I know too well how it feels to be rushed and want something nice to do with my family, only to find out it's too late—that window of opportunity has closed. That's why I love planning photography sessions. I enjoy the challenge of making sure everyone is ready to share some holiday cheer and that every festive detail is enjoyed from start to finish. If you're feeling overwhelmed and already disorganized about the holidays, let me help you with that tough task—trust me, your stress levels will go down for it!

You'll make room for more time for festivities later

It goes without saying that the biggest benefit of planning for this sort of activity is to earn back something precious: time. Time really isn't something we feel we have a lot of when we're rushed and stressing out about how the holidays will go down. By planning for family Christmas photo sessions now in October as opposed to later on, you'll be making more room to spend time on other tasks you wouldn't be able to have time for if you didn't plan.

Some people love Christmas!

I've met some families who really can't wait till Christmas to celebrate the peace, love, and joy that the holiday really and truly is all about. Christmas isn't just a holiday, a single day of the year; it's a season, one where you should celebrate good will and love for all. Some families really cherish this thought and hold that love in their hearts year-round, not just for the holidays or certain seasons. If you love the holiday that much, then I'm here to support your love and celebrate it on film, no matter what time of the year it may be. Let's spread some of that cheer and love in your heart together.

When you really sit down and think about it, there's a lot of benefit to planning for family Christmas photos in October. I've got some of my own cheer to spread with this year's live and interactive set-up for the holiday season; why not join in the fun? Contact me to learn more about this unique and festive opportunity, or if you want some help getting Christmas photos with the whole family.

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