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Why You Need to Create a Family Photo Album this Year

January 03, 20204 min read


With all of the busy things life keeps throwing our way, it can be refreshing to slow down and reflect on those beautiful moments you’ve had with your family. A photo album can show you some of your most favourite memories and nowadays people are opting in to ensure those memories last forever. With this thought in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you how precious those moments are. Here are some good reasons why you should create a family photo album this year.

Maybe the old one was lost?

Sometimes disaster can strike when you least expect it, such as a flood or a fire. If you have only ever taken real life photographs and not scanned them and backed them up to the Cloud, then odds are high you could lose some of your most precious memories in these unfortunate events! If this sounds like what happened to your own family photo album, I’m very sorry. I’m sure those were such treasured moments to you; I know how it feels to have a great loss. If your old photo album was lost to this kind of disaster, perhaps now is a good time to create a new album. Maybe you’d like to re-enact the moments you remember capturing in those days?

A new album sparks great conversations

When the weather is too miserable and cold and rainy to go outside, why not make a cup of tea and revisit your fondest memories for a while? Looking at all of the photos you’ve put together in an album can be a great way to spark some great conversations, especially if there’s someone who’s never seen them before. The albums can follow a theme, or you can show your favourites and tell the stories behind each one. You’d be amazed at how fast time will fly by just talking about your photo album!

Holding it in your hands feels GREAT

As fancy as technology and digital photography is, nothing beats print. There’s just something so satisfying about putting the beautiful colours and scenes of your life onto paper and then binding them all together into one thick study book. You can pick it up, feel the weight and heft of it, and know that you’re looking at a lifetime’s worth of photographs that will last just as long. What you have in your hands will be with you forever. (Plus, albums make great gifts too!)

It could be part of your resolution

Everyone knows how difficult it is to stick to a New Year’s resolution. It’s especially true if you live a busy lifestyle and can’t find the time to slow down even in quiet months like January. Regardless, some resolutions made for the New Year can be worth sticking to year round. Maybe your resolution this time is to actually record the moments that 2020 has to offer? Remember though it can be pretty tough to get great memories in photos if you’re not in them too!

This year, make it a point to be present in the moment and have photos taken of you too. You could be captured in some pretty sweet photos in the process!

It’s 2020!

2020 is not only a new year; it’s the first year of an entirely new decade, one that’s filled with so many incredible possibilities. Maybe this will be the year when your kids move out for the first time ever; or you retire from your career; or a family member dear to you has a new baby, gets married, or opens their first ever business. Perhaps it’s a special anniversary year for you and your spouse? Or someone has a milestone birthday? Whatever the occasion may be, be sure to capture every moment you can this year. Your family will be so happy to revisit these moments after the fact!

Make 2020 your year to capture precious family memories. Would you like some help getting a family photo album put together? Call me and let’s find out together if my skills as a family photographer are what you are looking for!

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